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Mosquito Squad of Frederick Offers Effective and Affordable Stink Bug Control

Soon after we began serving properties, we received confirmation that our stink bug control is extremely effective. In fact, our treatments have been so effective that customers have told us that they were cancelling their contracts with other pest control companies. One customer told us that her exterminator recommended that she call us because our mutual customers were telling him (the exterminator) how happy they were with our service on stink bugs. We routinely hear from our customers that they have seen few stink bugs alive after we treated their property.

We treat the foundation, cracks and crevices, and other appropriate areas on your home to stop stink bugs on their way inside. Customers report dramatic reductions in stink bugs. Yes, we kill stink bugs.

Read for yourself what some of our customers say about our stink bug control.

“It is almost like magic the decrease in both stink bugs and mosquitoes. Before we had Mosquito Squad we were overloaded with stink bugs. Now, they are almost non-existent and no more mosquitoes either! We definitely can recommend Mosquito Squad and their services.” -Patti L., Frederick, MD

“We are completely satisfied with your services. We hardly ever see a stink bug now. We have also noticed a lot less wasps this year. Whatever it is that you are using gets the job done. We have canceled our contract with [another pest control company] and are now depending on The Mosquito Squad to be our exterminator of choice. Thanks again” – Melvin H., Mt. Airy, MD

“Mosquito Squad’s treatment made a night and day difference. The stink bugs are dramatically down and the mosquitoes aren’t biting. It was worth every penny.” – Jane V., Middletown, MD

Before Stink Bug Treatment:


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