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Why We Take Frederick MD Mosquito Control Seriously

Most of our customers since we started in 2010 have asked us to remove the aggressive-biting Asian Tiger mosquitoes. This breed of mosquito is just one of 59 different species of mosquitoes in Maryland, but boy does it stand out against the rest! This breed is known as a container breeder known to thrive in backyards because they only need a small area the size of a cap to a water bottle to breed. Our spray procedure provides a barrier protection that helps you enjoy your yard without the bites!

The Asian Tiger mosquito first arrived in Maryland in 1987 through used tires brought into Baltimore. Since then, they have spread to almost every county of the state. You may recognize them as the small black and white striped mosquitoes that bite you around your ankles and knees throughout the day. Sure, they bite in other places.

These Asian Tiger mosquitoes are the reason we started this business in 2010. We hated getting bit every time we took our son out to play. They are known by some as the “backyard mosquito” because they can breed in very small places, with very little water. They do not need a large body of water to breed, but instead a small “container” the size of a bottle cap, a tree hole, or some other indentation in the ground. As you might know, it is actually the female mosquito that bites you. She requires the protein in blood to then lay her eggs and further infest your backyard.

Asian Tiger mosquitoes are not known for being good fliers, meaning they do not fly more than 100 to 200 yards from where they were born. So, if you are being bitten by Asian tiger mosquitoes, it is not necessarily likely that they are breeding from a storm drainage pond half a mile down the street or the neighbor’s swimming pool three houses down. They are likely breeding in your yard or very close to it. They will lay their eggs in dry places whey they know water will “flood” when it rains later. When it rains and the water reaches the right temperature the eggs start to hatch. This makes it difficult to find all of their breeding sites in some yards, but there are some that you can find in your yard, such as: tools, toys, buckets, and other things you might leave outside. The fact that they don’t need much water to breed is illustrated by their appearance in places like Southern California where, as the old song says, it never rains. This breed of mosquito is also a confirmed vector (transmitter) of several diseases. It is capable of spreading Dengue fever, West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, and the Zika virus.

The vast majority of our clients over the past several years have called us to control or remove the aggressive-biting Asian tiger mosquito problem. You can trust we have extensive experience helping customers with those unwanted backyard guests. We know where they live and how to control them. We have successfully controlled them in hundreds of yards in and around Frederick and Hagerstown. Don’t worry our treatments help with the other 58 breeds of mosquitoes in Maryland if they happen to be in your yard.

Our goal is to make Frederick and the surrounding areas safe for families and pets to enjoy their backyards during the spring and summer months. We have an 85-95% effectiveness rate accompanied by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We take our job seriously so that you can enjoy your yard, and our past clients would agree! A recent survey confirmed that over 95% of our customers would recommend our services, and you can see for yourself what they have to say (below)

Let us help you take your yard back so you can enjoy the nice, warm months. Give us a call today at (301) 263-7720 or email us using the Alert the Squad button above.

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